Magic Leap 2 – Developer Pro License Only

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Magic Leap 2 – Developer Pro License Only


With this product you will only receive a CD-KEY which can then be activated within the Magic Leap 2 Base Edition, activating this key will upgrade the Base Edition to the Developer Pro edition.

For reseller accounts please contact MPH Group

Product Highlights

Magic Leap 2 with Developer Pro –  enables enterprise AR software developers to build and test applications for Magic Leap 2. It provides access to enterprise edition OS features as they become available, so developers can begin preparing enterprise AR solutions ahead of general availability:

  • Hardware and accessories, including Magic Leap 2, a variety of fit, charging, and carrying accessories, and the QR code to access our Quick Start and Safety Guide.
  • Pre-release software to develop and test Magic Leap 2 applications—including porting from Magic Leap 1 and other AR devices. The Magic Leap 2 with Developer Pro is recommended for use in the development and testing of applications; use in full commercial deployments or production environments is not permitted.
  • Developer resources and support, including developer tools, sample projects, monthly early releases. Redemption instructions and terms delivered via post-purchase email.

Best-in-Class AR Device

  • Proprietary optics breakthroughs double the Field of View, offer industry-leading image performance, and introduce dynamic dimming technology.
  • The lightweight device enables extended, everyday use by all types of workers, with a 50% smaller, 20% lighter headset and a precise controller.
  • 2-3x computing performance, leadership spatial audio, and advanced biometric capabilities power a visual workstation with environmental awareness.

Transforming the Enterprise

  • Enterprises have privacy and control with support for private cloud, on-prem, or major cloud providers, and ownership of all data.
  • Magic Leap 2 is easy to set up, scale, and manage with existing enterprise IT and device systems.
  • Enterprises can tailor UX, apps, and options to their business and the needs of each worker.

Empowering the Developer Ecosystem

  • Magic Leap 2’s AOSP-based OS interface standard offers an open platform for developers and enterprises.
  • A dynamic set of SDKs, APIs, and support tools empower developers to tap into Magic Leap 2’s advanced capabilities and create leading-edge enterprise solutions.
  • Magic Leap 2’s flexibility makes it easy to develop and ship new solutions, faster, across multiple channels.

In the Box

  • Headset, Compute Pack, Controller
  • Enterprise Charger – 2 x 45W USB-C charger and cables for Compute Pack and Controller
  • Fit Kit for Headset. A set of nose pads and forehead pads to customize the fit for your Magic Leap 2
  • Optional Overhead Strap to support in-motion use and slippage
  • Frame with eye cups to reduce rainbow effects if working under bright lights
  • Shoulder strap for crossbody wearing
  • Controller lanyard to attach to users wrist
  • Carry Case and Cleaning Cloth, robust case to carry Headset, Compute Pack and Controller
  • Quick Start and Safety Guide are accessed via QR code


  • Prescription insert that can be magnetically attached to your Magic Leap device for optimized visual experience
  • Custom prescription inserts;
  • Support for +3 to -9.5 D prescription (ML1 covers +2 to -7.5)
  • Full virtual and real world FOV available, with surface reflection management
  • Orders are managed and fulfilled by a third party vendor
  • Rx Insert lens kits available to purchase on-line for short term use, supports 8 prescriptions
  • Additional Enterprise charger available to purchase on-line
  • External Battery, plugs into USB-C charging port to extend device hours of use (available 3Q 2022)
  • Enterprise Carry Solution – Belt that can be cleaned and carries Compute Pack, Controller and Extended Battery (available 3Q 2022)
  • Overhead strap to support in-motion use and slippage

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