Magic Leap 2 – Base Edition


Magic Leap 2 features key optics breakthroughs – industry leading field of view, image quality and first to market dimming capabilities.

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Magic Leap 2

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Product Highlights

Best-in-Class AR Device

  • Proprietary optics breakthroughs double the Field of View, offer industry-leading image performance, and introduce dynamic dimming technology.
  • The lightweight device enables extended, everyday use by all types of workers, with a 50% smaller, 20% lighter headset and a precise controller.
  • 2-3x computing performance, leadership spatial audio, and advanced biometric capabilities power a visual workstation with environmental awareness.

Transforming the Enterprise

  • Enterprises have privacy and control with support for private cloud, on-prem, or major cloud providers, and ownership of all data.
  • Magic Leap 2 is easy to set up, scale, and manage with existing enterprise IT and device systems.
  • Enterprises can tailor UX, apps, and options to their business and the needs of each worker.

Empowering the Developer Ecosystem

  • Magic Leap 2’s AOSP-based OS interface standard offers an open platform for developers and enterprises.
  • A dynamic set of SDKs, APIs, and support tools empower developers to tap into Magic Leap 2’s advanced capabilities and create leading-edge enterprise solutions.
  • Magic Leap 2’s flexibility makes it easy to develop and ship new solutions, faster, across multiple channels.

In the Box

  • Headset, Compute Pack, Controller
  • Enterprise Charger – 2 x 45W USB-C charger and cables for Compute Pack and Controller
  • Fit Kit for Headset. A set of nose pads and forehead pads to customize the fit for your Magic Leap 2
  • Optional Overhead Strap to support in-motion use and slippage
  • Frame with eye cups to reduce rainbow effects if working under bright lights
  • Shoulder strap for crossbody wearing
  • Controller lanyard to attach to users wrist
  • Carry Case and Cleaning Cloth, robust case to carry Headset, Compute Pack and Controller
  • Quick Start and Safety Guide are accessed via QR code


  • Prescription insert that can be magnetically attached to your Magic Leap device for optimized visual experience
  • Custom prescription inserts;
  • Support for +3 to -9.5 D prescription (ML1 covers +2 to -7.5)
  • Full virtual and real world FOV available, with surface reflection management
  • Orders are managed and fulfilled by a third party vendor
  • Rx Insert lens kits available to purchase on-line for short term use, supports 8 prescriptions
  • Additional Enterprise charger available to purchase on-line
  • External Battery, plugs into USB-C charging port to extend device hours of use (available 3Q 2022)
  • Enterprise Carry Solution – Belt that can be cleaned and carries Compute Pack, Controller and Extended Battery (available 3Q 2022)
  • Overhead strap to support in-motion use and slippage

Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 38 × 28 × 16 cm